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Welcome to our Homepage. We are offering Mallorca properties in choice quality like chalets, semi detached and terraced houses, plots to construct on and country houses. Most of the property is situated in the South of Mallorca in the surrounding of the marvelous sandy beach Es Trenc. If required we have the possibility to construced the house of Your dreams on Mallorca in high quality and modern standings together with our professional partners. Plots in best sites are available.


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Mallorca Property

South coast of Mallorca

We have divided the southern half of Mallorca into the following regions - Palma de Mallorca city area  -   South West coast of Mallorca – the area between Palma and Puerto Andratx, with the well-known resorts Santa Ponsa, Costa den Blanes etc. -   Palma region– is the region east of Palma with its well-known residential areas Bahia Grande, Bahia Azul, Tolleric, Sa Torre, etc.  -  South coast of Mallorca – refers to the region around the beautiful sandy beach Es Trenc and the resorts Sa Ràpita, Cala Pi and Colonia Sant Jordi.   -  South East coast – refers to the southern part of the east coast with its well-known resorts Cala D`Or, Porto Petro, Cala Murada, Calas de Mallorca, Porto Cristo, etc. -  Centre island – with its well-known villages Algaida and Inca, the famous wine village Binisalem and the former royal residence Sineu.


Important points to observe when buying real estate on Mallorca

1) Before signing the contract:

a) Check the ownership, insist on presentation of the title deed (Escritura Publica) or an extract (Nota Imformativa Simple) from the Land Register (Registro de la Propiedad). In the extract from the Land Register you will be able to recognise who the registered owner is and whether any encumbrances or third party rights have been recorded. When buying property which is built on ensure that the building is also entered in the Land Register.

b) Request a receipt that land tax has been paid (IBI), as liability for this tax rests with the real estate and is transferred to you on purchase.

c) Request a calculation of capital gains tax on the real estate (Impuesto Municipal sobre el Incremento del Valor de los Terrenos de Naturaleza Urbana).

d) Check whether the owner has a contract with the electricity supplier GESA in their name for electricity supply. The easiest way to check this is to look at a recent invoice. In this context it is useful to note that the GESA does not sign supply contracts for illegal buildings. The sale of the real estate does not alter this state of affairs.

2) Private sales contracts or reservation contract

a) Ownership of real estate on Mallorca can be transferred by means of a private sales contract without a notarised contract being signed. This means that in the case of non-compliance buyer or seller can force performance in court and can claim for damages. Proof of ownership to third parties must take the form of an entry in the Land Register. It is therefore urgently recommended that you sign a notarised sales contract (Compra y Venta) when buying real estate on Mallorca.

Generally a down payment of 10% is required on conclusion of a private sales contract or a private option contract and this is only recommended when for some reason there is a lengthy delay between intention to purchase and notarisation, or if the buyer considers it important to exact a commitment from the seller. By law (Codigo Civil) the latter is namely obliged to pay double the amount, i.e. 20% to the purchaser in the case of non-compliance. If however the purchaser does not honour the contract they forfeit their down payment of 10%.

When buying real estate on Mallorca a private reservation contract is generally signed to bridge the time span between purchasing decision and notarised contract. A reservation fee of 3% is usually asked, which the buyer loses if they are responsible for a notarised sales contract not being signed.

3) The public title deed (Escritura Publica)

This notarised sales contract for real estate on Mallorca is required for entry in the Spanish ownership register. To start with the notary public requests an extract from the ownership register of the Land Register, to check whether the seller is registered as the owner. He then transfers all of the relevant data for the sales contract and this results in the entry being blocked. This means that no sales contracts for the same real estate can be entered at this or a later date. Thanks to this simple but effective method the need for a change in notary account generally required in many other countries is eliminated and the buyer pays the purchase price directly to the seller on signature of the contract.

4) Costs on the acquisition of real estate on Mallorca

Costs for the purchaser as a percentage of the purchase price:

a) 7% sales tax on the purchase price of residential real estate like houses, villas, flats or fincas. For the initial sale by the building contractor or property developer the tax is called IVA and is simply Spanish value-added tax, which replaces a tax on transfer of ownership here. This tax rate also applies to undeveloped land, but only if a valid building permit exists. In addition, a statement on new building or “for a building being built” (declaración de obra nueva en construcción) must be made with the sales contract, so that the building can also be entered in the Land Register. Completion of the building must then be confirmed with another notarised document at a later date.

A tax rate of 16% applies to undeveloped land for which no building permit exists. This is a measure introduced by the authorities to make speculation with land which is ready for building less attractive.

b) 3% acquisition costs (approx.) on the registered purchase price. These are the notary costs, entry in the Land Register, stamp tax, costs for Gestoria, etc. Some of the individual items are taken from tables of costs, so it is difficult to determine exact costs. The percentage rate given is generally the maximum.

c) Communal capital gains tax (Plusvalia)

This tax is exacted by the community at a percentage rate of the book value of the property which is generally very low compared to the market value. Unless otherwise indicated in the sales contract the Plusvalia is to be paid by the purchaser.

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